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Roman Law Moot Court Competition

The Moot Court Competition (MCC) is a simulated trial. The main aim of the project is to test students’ knowledge in the field of law and to demonstrate their sufficient professional skills and reasoning skills before a jury of professionals. This practical experience brings the student an advantage in his / her future career.  

The Czech-Slovak MCC is similar in appearance to the performance before the Praetor. The contestants will appear before the professional jury and discuss with them the solution of the given case. There are no two pairs of competitors against each other, as is in the classic Moot Court, such as the Czech Moot Court Competition (CMCC). It is quite useful as preparation for the exam in Roman law or just to dust off your first year knowledge.  

The International Roman Law MCC has two-rounds. It consists of a local round and a final, international round. Both rounds are divided into written and oral parts. There can be one to three written local parts depending on the number of competitors. Firstly, there are always written rounds where students will answer questions with a specific topic, which will be given to them on the spot. Written answers will be defended before a jury of professionals at the end of the last written part. It is therefore possible that the first part will be only written and the second or third part of the local round will be written and then oral.  

One best team from each participating faculty always proceeds to the international final round. Teams from Czech and Slovak law faculties participate in the competition.  

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdIQOne-seg