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How to become a member

Why join ELSA?

We welcome all law students who would like to join ELSA. Membership can give you many benefits: Firstly, membership in ELSA provides an easy opportunity to get necessary experience abroad through STEP internships. Secondly, taking part in diverse events organized by ELSA groups anywhere across Europe, such as summer and winter schools can be appealing .Lastly, if you are from a lower grade, you will certainly find older friends in ELSA that can help you with your study obligations.

ELSA Czech Republic is an association of diverse people with differentiating interests, from freshmen students to young lawyers or judges assistants, from successful participants in moot courts to winning essay writers, from classical music lovers to modern DJs! Anyone can find their space for self-realization and social enjoyment here.

What can ELSA members do?

It differs from person to person. Everything and nothing. There are very active ELSA members who gain  interesting experiences through organizing various activities. Those we value most of course, but we also welcome members who wish to follow our activities and prefer to participate in our events from a distance.

How to become a member of ELSA?

The terms of membership of each local ELSA group are different, so please contact the specific ELSA group based in your law school.

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