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Travel? Work? Yes! And just because of one word – STEP. The Student Trainee Exchange Program is a program for international internships with a 30-year tradition, covered by our association.  

What are our advantages? In addition to gaining work experience in foreign law, traveling around the world and not even paying that much, you can choose from more than 40 different countries around the world and from a variety of institutions, from law firms and government agencies to international entities such as the Council of Europe. 

You will also gain a large variety of contacts and an internship certificate which is an extraordinary CV item. And don’t worry about being alone! The local ELSA group will help you with what you need. If necessary, it will help you get accommodation, prepare everything you need for your internship and stay in contact with you throughout your stay. Not interested yet? The length of the internship can be from 2 weeks to 2 years and it is up to you when and for how long you will go. 

And how about some statistics? Last year, a record number of 515 trainees traveled to all corners of our planet!

See more at: https://step.elsa.org/traineeships/search-traineeship.html