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How to become a member

Why become a member of ELSA?

We welcome all female lawyers who would like to join ELSA. Membership can bring you a number of benefits: First of all, it is a simple opportunity to get the necessary internships abroad during STEP internships. It is also appealing to take part in the most diverse events organized by ELSA groups anywhere in Europe, such as summer and winter schools. If you are from a lower grade, you will certainly find older friends to help you overcome your study obligations.

ELSA Czech Republic is an association of diverse people of diverse interests, from first-year students to young lawyers or judges assistants, from successful participants in simulated litigation to fruitful student writers, from classical music lovers to DJs of modern styles! Space for self-realization and social enjoyment can be found here for everyone.

What are the benefits of being a member?

It depends on everyone personally. Everything and nothing. There are very active ELSA members who gain interesting experience in organizing various activities. Of course, we value them the most. We would also like to welcome members who will follow our activities and participate in our events from a distance.

How to apply for membership?

After completing the form in the link under this paragraph, it is sufficient to send the membership fee (200 CZK) to the account: 2300966076/2010. After sending the amount you automatically become a member of ELSA Plzeň! If you would like to know how we protect your personal information, please read our Privacy Policy. If you have any further questions, write to secgen.pilsen@cz.elsa.org!

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