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STEP Employers

The STEP programme enables law students and young lawyers to gain practice abroad for over more than 30 years. Among the traineeship providers there are law firms, legal departments of companies, courts, universities, governmental & non-governmental organisations, and international institutions. These traineeships are possible to have in any law-related area or activity during the whole year. Qualified and highly motivated trainees are chosen from 38 000 ELSA members in the entire Europe.

Taking part in STEP is a very effective way to broaden one’s horizons as well as to make valuable investment.

Main principles

  • The subject providing traineeship states its preferences about qualities of a trainee in a simple electronic form. Based on these conditions ELSA selects the best of all applicants for the specified traineeship and the traineeship provider makes the final selection from offered application forms. Before and during the trainee’s stay in the Czech Republic, ELSA provides assistance in order to place only minimal administrative or any other demands on STEP employers.
  • Traineeships take place during the whole year and can last in period from two weeks to eighteen months. Time and length of traineeship is upon the traineeship employer as well as statement of requirements on trainees’ language and legal knowledge, educational background, preferred home state, and amount of monetary payment for the trainee. These preferences shall be filled in a simple electronic form.
  • The scale of applicants for traineeships is very wide thanks to the fact that ELSA operates in more than 43 European countries and has approx. 43 000 members. It is possible to apply for a traineeship for students as well as for graduated students up to age of 36 years.

How is ELSA involved?

ELSA provides administrative support to the STEP programme. ELSA helps foreign students with adaptation to the new environment in all directions – from securing the social programme of trainee (social events, sightseeing) to finding suitable accommodation or help with acquiring visas.

Advantages of STEP programme

  • securing the most convenient trainees from vast ELSA network for your selected needs
  • availability of qualified trainees for short or long terms during the whole year
  • publicity of your organization in the Czech Republic and Europe in STEP Newsletter with offer of traineeships and in ELSA Czech Republic and ELSA International magazines distributed in all our network
  • perfection of skills, inspiration of your employees (language, new points of view, operating procedures)
  • arrangement of administrative part of visit by ELSA Czech Republic
  • strengthening of international perspective and contacts of your organization
  • increase of your prestige and good-will
  • contribution to building the world respecting human dignity and cultural diversity


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