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Do you want to work abroad, but professionally in your field? Use the opportunity of our exchange programme STEP!

This programme enables you to confront your theoretical knowledge in practice and get to know foreign legal systems. Thanks to our programme, you can participate in a traineeship abroad and gain necessary experience from different areas of law and legal activities.

For more information attend our info-meeting STEP by STEP organized each semester at Your faculty. 


Who can participate in the programme?

  • It is possible to apply for students as well as for young absolvents of law faculties up to age of 36 years. The only requirement is to be an ELSA member.

Where do traineeships take place?

  • Traineeships take place in any law-related area, e. g., in legal offices, in-house legal departments, courts, governmental, nongovernmental and international organizations. Except European countries we occasionally offer traineeships in other parts of the world as well as USA. 

When do traineeships take place?

  • Traineeship positions are offered during the whole year. Traineeships last from two weeks up to eighteen months. Average length of a traineeship is four weeks. Most of them take place during summer holiday.
  • What are the advantages of traineeship abroad for me?
  • You can gain practice in your field, get to know about application of law abroad, you can compare Czech and foreign legal systems. Another plus is achievement of invaluable experience and new contacts in legal environment as well as new friendships. Moreover you get to know different culture and way of life beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. At the same time you will bring home many unforgettable memories. To all of this ELSA International adds the certificate of participation in our programme.
  • Decide today and enrich not only your CV.

How is ELSA involved?

  • Except providing the traineeship ELSA ensures assistance for those selected before and during the traineeship. Trainee gets important information about the country where he/she is heading. ELSA helps to find suitable accommodation or obtain visas (when necessary). Moreover social events and meetings with other students are organized in order to involve the trainee in the daily life of the local community.

What is the financial payment of traineeship?

  • The amount of salary differs very much. Some traineeships are paid more than respectable others are unpaid. Those without any payment are compensated with other benefits (e. g., provided accommodation). But more than travelling to get paid you go to gain valuable experience. Details about net salary are specified in each traineeship individually.

How much does it cost to apply for the programme?

  • Participation in STEP is for free, you don’t pay any arrangement fee to ELSA, ELSA neither gains any per cent of your salary. The whole programme functions thanks to voluntary work of ELSA members.

How can I apply?

  • You will get the Student Application Form for STEP programme with the Guidelines for applying to STEP via e-mail from your local VP STEP at your faculty of law, or you can find them in „Forms to download“. You will fill a simple electronic form which you have to send to your local VP STEP before stated deadline. This form goes via ELSA International to the STEP employer who makes the final selection result. According to your preference you can apply for up to 3 traineeships at a time.

How do I find out that I am selected for the traineeship?

  • In case that you are selected, you will be informed by e-mail or telephone. Your name will be stated on web pages of ELSA International. You will be asked to fill in Traineeship Confirmation Form, where you provide binding confirmation of your participation in traineeship. After that you will be contacted by hosting ELSA group which will prepare you properly for you arrival.

May I cancel my application or participation in traineeship?

  • If you cannot participate in traineeship you applied for, you need to contact ELSA before the deadline stated for the traineeship. After the deadline you can decline the traineeship only with valid reasons stated at the end of the Student Application Form (point 7.). These reasons must be declared by relevant documents (e. g., medical report).
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