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About ELSA

ELSA (The European Law Students´ Association) is international independent, non-political, non-profit organisation. It was founded for the reason of gathering young law students at events enabling them personal development, self-realisation and to gain new experience in the area of law. ELSA consists of law students and young lawyers from the whole of Europe, who are interested in academic and personal development.

ELSA offers to students exclusive opportunity to gain new skills and to improve the ones they already have. It is a unique group designed for interaction between students, teachers and professionals in the area of law and in the areas closed to law – across the whole Europe!

ELSA was founded in 1981 by students from Austria, Germany, Hungary and Poland. Its member structure still grows and today, with its almost 300 university-based local groups in 43 countries, associating 43 000 students and young lawyers all over Europe, ELSA is the biggest independent association of law students in the world!

Presently, ELSA has its mebers and observers based in Albania, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzgovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Rep. of Macedonia, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Turkey and Ukraine.

In the Czech Republic ELSA works at law faculties in Brno, Olomouc, Pilsen and Prague.

ELSA also co-operates with other student organisations in Northen America, with Asian Law Student Association in Japan, Australian Law Student Association in Australia, African Law Student Association in South Africa and AEJCI in Cote d’Ivoire.


"A just world in which there is respect for human dignity and cultural diversity."


"To contribute to legal education, to foster mutual understanding and to promote social responsibility of law students and young lawyers."


"Providing opportunities for law students and young lawyers to learn about other cultures and legal systems in a spirit of critical dialogue and scientific co-operation."

"Assisting law students and young lawyers to be internationally minded and professionally skilled."

"Encouraging law students and young lawyers to act for the good of society."

Academic Activities

The main goal of Academic Activities is to create projects which combine „Bridging theory and practice“ by organizing Moot Courts and by organizing competitions in „Legal Writing“. Essay Competition and Research group Competition are independent writing on hot legal topic and allow students to present their ideas. This competition is announced by law offices and the winner can gain monetary price. The Czech Moot Court Competition (CMCC) is a simulated trial. The major aim of CMCC is to train legal knowledge in fields of law which are outside of the normal university agenda and to develop students’ legal and practical skills. The main subject of AA is to practice student’s arguing skills – tools that are needed in their future career. Last but not least AA are focused on teambuilding on both Local and National level by supporting organization of events such as For a day to… and much more. During For a day to… students visit cities where the Local Groups are seated – their institutions and monuments in particular; social programme is also prepared.

Seminars & Conferences

One of the Key Areas in ELSA - Seminars & Conferences (S&C) - serves to enrichment and development of law students' university life. It´s achieved in the first place by increasing their awareness of current legal, economic, social, and other topics.

The aim of S&C is fulfilled by organization of seminars, conferences, lectures, summer schools, legal debates, and panel discussions. The target of this section is both the national and international field. It strives to respond always to recent problems and questions.

To reach the best quality by organizing these events ELSA regularly cooperates with universities, institutions, and law firms.

Other way of students’ life enrichment are Study Visits (SV). By visiting local groups from foreign countries and by hosting them in home country students reach invaluable experience in the field of legal culture and the culture in general as well. On the top of the effort to be international and to educate students in the field of law at the same time, the Institutional Visit (IV) can be mentioned. The IV can inspire those students who tend in their life to the world.


The Student Trainee Exchange Programme (STEP) makes it possible for law students and young lawyers to gain working experience abroad: in Europe and beyond.

STEP is a trainee exchange programme which works over 30 years and is connected to ELSA association from the very beginning. This programme enables law students and young lawyers to gain first hand practice of the substantive and procedural law as well as the culture of another country. The traineeships last between 2 weeks and 2 years and can take place in any law related area; law firms, courts, public institutions, banks, in-house legal departments, consulting firms, and international or European organizations.

Before and during the traineeship, ELSA provides assistance for the law student chosen for the traineeship with finding accommodation, applying for visas, when necessary, and organizing social events to involve the trainee in the daily life of the local community.