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The Visit to Vienna

Author: Klára Mazuriková, published: 05/12/2015 16:00 | 0 comments

In the morning on 4th December 2015, ELSA Brno departed for Vienna. Participants met students from ELSA Praha and two students from ELSA Vienna, who kept everyone company for the whole visit, after an arrival to Vienna.

First day, they went from a hotel towards a town for a lunch. Students experienced the authentic Viennese cuisine so it is no surprise that everyone had a schnitzel. Gastronomical experience was great since there were two schnitzels on a plate, each was as big as a small state. ELSA left for excursion into OSN after this substantial lunch. A very nice student, who was working at OSN, happened to be their guide and gave them a quick tour because participants were given wrong pass cards by the security service so they had to pass the security check again. A lesson, with Brazilian envoy of OSN from section IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), followed after the quick tour which was very interesting. The lesson enriched everyone with many, especially with inner structure of the agency. They headed off for Christmas market on campus, where we met students from ELSA Lodz from Poland, first. From there, They went to one of the Viennese clubs, which is familiar especially to tourists and students, where they sang karaoke together and strengthen their mutual relationships.

On Saturday, they visited Viennese museums and even stopped by the historical museum to take a look at the market. After that, everyone went on going to Hofburg Palace and ended up in front of a city hall where the main Christmas market took place. Since the students had planned to see Parliament first, they headed there. ELSA had arranged private tour of the Parliament. The participants sat down in seats of senators, saw space where the laws are passed and listened to a guide's presentation who had prepared answer to all sorts of questions. Afterwards, ELSA had a dispersal so students, as expected, made use of it for lunch. Then, they took a look at Viennese University where ELSA Czech Republic met up with ELSA Poland again. Everyone had an opportunity to see stairs where a professor was murdered by a student, courtyard where every staircase should lead to. Schnappsmuseum was another point on the programme. Students familiarized with manufacturing ways of the alcohol Schnapps and degusted or bought it as well. In the evening, everyone went back to the club again, this time without Polish students who had to go home already. 

Participants spent the last day of their visit in Schonbrunn which they also took a look at. After that and the walking markets, ELSA Brno said goodbye and departed back for Brno with the best possible experiences.



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