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The Visit to Prague

Author: Klára Mazuriková, published: 27/11/2015 19:30 | 0 comments

 In the very morning on Friday 27th November, when birds were not singing yet and someone was just going to bed with a satisfaction after the Thursday's night full of socialisation and refilling fluids, we, enthusiasts from ELSA Brno, departed to our unique capital. In Prague, we started the city tour together with our Olomouc's counterparts so the whole Moravia was prepared to face the danger of the city.

We stopped at the Wallenstein Palace which is a seat of the Senate of the Czech Republic nowadays.  Baroque building, which was renovated many times, has kept only its core in its original state. Furniture of one of the richest man back then, Albrecht of Wallenstein, was confiscated by famous Swedes who exhibit proudly our historic sight in their museums. As our guide said: "If they were supposed to return all what is not of their origin, they would have to close down all museums!" We walked through the whole complex with that idea and were really glad that "at least" the very palace was left to us. We reached places where the most significant representatives of Parliaments walked and we also had a taste of memorable feeling - being on the red carpet which means the path of the chosen ones. We went to the most important part of the whole palace as well, a former horse barn, where only the most favourite horses from the Wallenstein were. In all probability to have an assurance that every of his favourites had the right spot, there were paintings of the specific horses with names and births on each box. Senate sessions take place there nowadays.

After we viewed gifts for Czech senators from visitors, which are exhibited in a cellar space of the palace, and noticed that one of the most frequent presents is a pen, even though we were not sure about a connection with this fact, we set out to nearby building of the Chamber of Deputies. Over there, we were already not rhapsodic about the beauty of the building because our only aim was the session at that very moment. After passing all security checks and founding eligible visitors, we seated ourselves in a gallery and listened to presentations of individual members of the Chamber. Even though there were not many of them participating, probably on the grounds of a lunchtime, there was quite a noise. We were thinking how our teachers would handle such a situation if they couldn't hear their own words but just talking and jingling. After half an hour, which was set aside for us, and realization of seeing and hearing too much, we moved to our dreamed lunch. When we recovered our strengths at lunch, we were ready for an inspection of the Law Faculty of the Charles University. The highest floor impressed us the most. There was a moot court room so we also tried a short trial, of course.

The aim of afternoon tour became Old Town Square where we witnessed a striking of the astronomical clock. We went to a delicious dinner in great numbers in the evening and then to one of the Prague´s clubs where we strengthened and deepened our mutual relationships.

The day after, we had a quick sight-seeing via Prague trams and our paths were divided again afterwards. We headed home with a great feeling about freshly made contacts and prepared plans for another meeting.




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