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Institutional Visit Prague in Brno

Author: Veronika Tamaškovičová, published: 24/03/2016 14:44 | 0 comments

Members of ELSA Prague had decided to visit the city of Brno in an Institutional Visit that took place from 18.3.2016 to 20.3.2016. Students from ELSA Brno picked them u pat the bus station next to hotel Grand, and went on with their plans for the day.

First students´steps led to the main station where they took the tram to the faculty of law, where they left their luggage. Because of the scheduled appointment at the Consitutinal Court of the Czech republic, there was no time to waste at schol. Visit at the court with a spoken commentary took about an hour, and ELSA students learned new interesting facts about the institution, and there was also some space for pictures, of course. After the Constitutional Court they took a break for a small snack and coffee, as there was still enough time for their next scheduled instituion which was The Supreme Administrative Court. At 1 o´clock the ELSA members got to the court, where a search and a guide was waiting for them. The guide took students to the plenary room, where she told them about the institution and after that she took them to the meeting rooms of the chairman and the one of the vice-chairman, courtrooms where the trials take place. After visiting this institution students were done with academic programe for the day, and so they went to take a tour de faculty, where they saw the assembly hall, library and even the lecture room. After the tour, ELSA Prague went to check-in into their hostel and get some rest. Later all students went to get dinner to the East Village restaurant.

For the next day the ELSA members had decided to go see the Špilberk castle, where they got to the observation tower from which it was possible to see the whole city of Brno. After that students went to look at the famous Brno astronomical clock and the hanging crocodile. After afternoon full of walking ELSA took a trip to the wine tavern Bukovský where they enjoyed good wine, small snacks to go with it, and each other´s company.

The last day of the visit was the day of departure so in the morning the ELSA Prague went back to the bus station next to the hotel Grand, where ELSA Brno students picked them up two days ago, and started their bus trip back home. Institutional visit was a success and students are looking forward to another meetings. 


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