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Christmas Party 2016

Author: Barbora Vintrová, published: 15/12/2015 19:00 | 0 comments

One of the beautiful traditions of Faculty of Law of Masaryk University is a Christmas party in a foyer which is annually organized by Elsa Brno. We, and also other students, are always looking forward to this occasion during which we can escape from the tests and early exams at least for a while thanks to the sound of carols and the smell of mulled wine. This year, the event was held on 15th of December.

The preparations began in the morning, so at ten o´clock, which was the scheduled start, everything was ready. At our counter, you could buy not only already mentioned mulled wine, but also tea with rum or a cup of coffee, student prices were matter of course. And the people wearing a jumper with a Christmas theme got a mug of mulled wine as a gift. Besides tasting these drinks, there was also a place for taking photos with various requisites, a workshop for cutting paper flakes and a list of gifts „for him and for her“, where everybody could write his original idea. The next option how to have fun was sharing your own images on Instagram with a „vanoceprf“ hashtag and these photos were then projected onto one of the walls of foyer.

Neither this year, we haven´t avoided the problems with the lack of warm mulled wine. Despite our efforts, students and tutors sometimes had to wait in a long queue, which we would like to apologize for.

The Christmas party ended before eight o´clock in the evening and we were really glad that so many of you have participated. It was not any exception that you came back for other and other portion of mulled wine. And thanks to you, we managed to collect considerable amount of money which we have devoted to charity.

Thank you very much and we are looking forward to next year.



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