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Chair for the Guest with JUDr. Kateřina Šimáčková, Ph.D.

Author: Klára Mazuriková, published: 07/12/2015 16:29 | 0 comments

On 25th November 2015, ELSA Brno organized another Chair for the Guest, this time included in ELSA Day on topic Gender Equality. The invitation was accepted by JUDr. Kateřina Šimáčková, Ph.D., a judge at the Constitutional Court. The event extraordinarily took place at a conference room of the dean's office so it had absolutely different atmosphere (it's more like informal sit-down usually).

At the beginning, our colleague presented a brief profile which revealed the most important information about the judge. Our guest said she would not be telling her life story but rather let the participants to ask what they were interested in. Before that, she had managed to share with us her knowledge about participation of women in high posts, especially in the justice, and her vision there should be more of them. Concerning to the Constitutional Court, there should be more women not only for a different point of view to the world, but also for perceiving it in a symbolic way.

Mrs Šimáčková faced to questions whether compulsory quotas for women in managing of firms are helpful or not, what she thinks about unpaid internships, what is the key to the success or how is it possible to get noticeable enough from such a big amount of the judges to a person getting appointed to be a judge of the Constitutional Court or the Supreme courts. Many students were probably amused by an answer - she doesn't think about herself that she would be appointed at such high posts if she would have been a man. Being a woman was an advantage in these situations and she doesn't consider it degrading at all.

In the end, it was thanked to our guest and students for participation while students were invited to the last Chair for the Guest of this semester with John C. Spieske, Esq from John Marshall Law School of Chicago.


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