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Visit of German Bayreuth

Author: Veronika Tamškovičová, published: 06/12/2015 19:00 | 0 comments

In May 2015 the members of ELSA Bayreuth with Melanie Akinbisehin as their head came to Brno for a Study Visit. Based on this visit six students from ELSA Brno traveled to the city located in East Germany in December of the same year. Team lead by a precise Lan Hương Phạm Ngọc started from Brno and on the way to Bayreuth stopped in Prague where the team was completed by one last member. Then the complete group continued to Bayreuth through Nuremberg with the help of German bus lines.

Right at the station our group received a warm welcome from ELSA Bayreuth and after a long way some home-made hot drinks were offered. After this friendly act, our hosts took us to their homes.  We were only allowed to leave in the evening when our whole group met up again and was provided with an option to get some food at a local restaurant.

On the morning of the next day our team was offered sightseeing of the city by our hosts. Melanie Akinbisehin took the role of our tour guide and told us a lot about development and history of Bayreuth and also told us about famous figures connected to the city. After the sightseeing we headed to get some lunch at the canteen of the local campus. All university buildings are located close to each other in one part of the city. Our tour guide also told us something about the campus, showed us their law faculty and their ELSA headquarters.

In the evening our team and team ELSA Bayreuth got into a bowling match. Some team members were keeping up with more experienced and often trained neighbors although it didn´t change the result. Czech gave in to Germans. We´ll get back at them in hockey.

Saturday morning we visited a city nearby, Nuremberg. Because we are law students and are interested in finding out new things from history, we couldn´t miss the chance to see the place where the first international trial with war criminals took place. Museum brought us a plenty of new information and was amazing except some small details. Historical sightseeing of the city and famous Christmas markets were taken care of by ELSA Bayreuth volunteer, Jana Rothenbucher, who was born and raised there. After a long and difficult day of walking, sightseeing, and fighting people at the Christmas markets our team was rewarded by a beautiful view of the city of Nuremberg in the sunset light after the hike to the Nuremberg castle. Unfortunately, we haven’t had time to see more of the city because our hosts found us and took us to their homes one last time.

On the last day of our trip we met up at the law faculty of the locals. Our team was rewarded for the participation with a real German breakfast. Sunday was on the 6th of December, which is the day of Saint Nicolas, who unexpectedly visited us and because we were good for the entire year, gave us some favor. This was the end of our programme and ELSA Brno had to return to their birth ground. 


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