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Study Visits to Košice

Author: Lan Hương Phạm Ngọc, published: 04/05/2015 16:52 | 0 comments

We welcomed spring semester with a taste of international dimension of ELSA by a visit of Košice in Slovakia. On our way there, our members got closer with each other, not mentioning the fact that we had the opportunity to get know too interesting co-travelers as well.

After our arrival to Košice, the delegation of the local ELSA warmly welcomed us in a composition of President and Secretary General who took a good care of our accommodation in a hall of residence where it was lively all day all night long. Especially at night.

Next day, we visited the Constitutional Court of Slovakia where the guide, despite his phlegmatic appearance, put very funny commentary with a lot of examples from practice. After that, we came to Faculty of Law and we did not forget to visit and compare ELSA office, of course. The sports activities of our visit were provided in a form of bowling and the cultural part was provided by a visit to local bar, disco club, coffee shop and tea house – “so we got a little of every corner”. We also had an honour to taste a traditional, actually very delicious Slovak cuisine, with overflowed table with pasties, halušky and strapačky. Even though there were some with other responsibilities, no one lost the chance to enjoy “the night fun” since there was a great motivation to taste local ELSA drink which is legendary Finnish breath we had heard a lot of legends about. Even though we got a proper instructions how to drink this beverage, sometimes we all made mistakes and that is the reason why not everyone dared to drink it with its whole procedure.

Day by day passed and we were sitting around one table with a prosecutor of Regional Prosecutor's Office who was responding to our never-ending questions humorously and swiftly. An occasional phone call was as a funny insertion that was rejected with simple “I have a meeting, Ivanka.” He introduced us to his daily working life with a lot of examples and cases from his practice. Thanks to them, we could compare it with our legislation of Prosecutor's Offices and criminal proceedings and we realized that we had a lot to learn from our neighbours. Full of new pieces of knowledge, we moved to the city center where a mysterious guide awaited us who changed our point of view on Košice. Through stories and legends, we got the chance to take a look behind the mask of ordinary streets into the magical city full of mysterious nook. We also visited a breathtaking cathedral where we had an honour to climb spiral staircase that made our heads spin.

In the evening, they invited us to goulash which was delicious that even two hours of waiting were really worth it. We ended the day with “Právnikovica” where we were honoured guests. This party got really big since some of us got back in early morning hours that were coinciding with the departure of those who were continuing to Bratislava.

There, in Bratislava, they welcomed us with ELSA Brno banner in hands and after that we head for their Faculty of Law which is united with Faculty of Philosophy and Rector's Office. On our way to ELSA office, we had a chance to take a look around the faculty followed with warm welcome from the rest of ELSA members with welcome package in their hands. After accommodating in very pleasant hostel, we had an appointment with our pleasant tour guide who showed us the capital of Slovakia in a different light. When our tour guide got the chance to run away from our never ending questions we led to the pub to fulfill our stomachs with Slovak delicacies. We ended the evening with “borovička” which was not appreciated by everyone but on the other hand, the gentlemen saving ladies were found thanks to it.

We ended the visit in Bratislava by a walk along Bratislava´s castle and visit to the National Council. We did not get into the castle because we did not make an impression of a family or a school tour. Actually, National Council touched our hearts thanks to the stories about heroes and significant figures or by a comparison with the Czech Republic and our common history that were precisely introduced by our guide. This city has a lot to offer and it would not be a bad idea to visit this capital once again and more officially, for example in a form of Institutional Visit.



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