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Study Visit to Linz

Author: Lan Hương Phạm Ngọc, published: 12/04/2015 22:53 | 0 comments

Another Study Visit, this time to Austrian Linz, was held on 10.-12. April 2015. Students left Brno in two teams: the bus-rail team went by the yellow bus to Wien and then moved to Linz on Austrian federal railways meanwhile the other team used their highway to get to the meeting point.

After the arrival, students together with ELSA Linz moved to a tour around a building of Land’s Parliament. The tour was really interesting and the way it was put, was very skilful. The only problem was that the tour was all in German and none of Czech students could understand properly. However, our Austrian ELSA colleagues did not let us down and gave us willingly an translation into English.

Next step in our programme was probably the most academic activity of the whole visit: Dr Thomas Trentinaglia from Johann Kepler University made a small/brief presentation focused on Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Contract between EU and USA and CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) and between EU and Canada. The presentation was very exhausting and Dr Trentinaglia was definitely enthusiastic lecturer. Tired yet enriched, we left to the hostel where we were supposed to stay for next two nights and where we left more than half of our funds. Meanwhile, we started to sense that although there will be various spectacular features of our visit, exaggerated solvency will not be one of them...

Afterwards, we were taken by our Austrian colleagues to their favourite place for diner where we were introduced to other students of ELSA Linz. One of them was just having a birthday party, so we had a “hot” chance to try a cake with (Red Hot) chilli peppers. We were supposed to spend the rest of the night in the club but if I label this place with words “good acoustic and bearable” it would be very original description yet untruthful.

On Sunday, an exhibition in area of steelworks of Voestalipne AG Company awaited us. There we learned about things that are quite untypical for lawyers: chrom-nickle steel, pressing, different legury and their place in production process, the use of scrap, the role of iron-stone, cocks, cogwheel in the wind power plants and exeptionally constructed parts of European rocket Ariane 5. Even more undoubtedly interesting things was explained to us via  audio-recording.

For lunch we were taken by our Austrian friends to a restaurant which was especially focused on organic food, vegetarian food and grass in general but still had a plenty of meals to offer to meaTeaters. After lunch we split in two groups. The first on went to modern technical-amusement museum AEC (Ars Electronica Centre) meanwhile the other group went to electric track on the hill where besides interesting church was beautiful view on Linz and thanks to good weather this view was fully utilized.

The evening was held in calm way and to end Saturday night we went for a pub tour in historical city centre.

There was no programme on Sunday so we just finished our breakfast and the bus-rail group moved to the railway station (and in Wien to Prater) meanwhile the rest got into a car and then realized that because of switched on lights the car battery is not working at all. But this accident end up with happy end and the car group also got to Brno.

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