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International study visit – Thessaloniki

Author: Lan Hương Phạm Ngọc, published: 08/04/2015 15:36 | 0 comments

Between 26th – 29th March, ELSA Brno visited Thessaloniki in Greece in the framework of the project Study Visits Four members of ELSA Zürich participated  as well. It was the first Multilateral Study Visit organised by ELSA Thessaloniki.


Nine law students from Masaryk University took part in the visit and it was an amazing experience for all of them thanks to members of ELSA Thessaloniki who became our guides.


On 26th March around 3 a.m., our small group headed to the airport in Vienna where we all fell asleep and became a good attraction to passers-by. We had a connecting flight so we had to stop in Belgrade and wait for another flight which finally brought us to Thessaloniki. The journey was pretty tiring so the only thing we managed to do was to move to place of our hosts and to get to know them.


For the following day, our Greek friends organised academic program for us. We visited IOM – the International Office of Migration Thessaloniki. The organization explained us main problems the country must face, such as immigration policy.


After that, we visited Aristotle University of Thessaloniki where we could learn how the university works and moreover, our ELSA Thessaloniki friends prepared seminars with professors for us. The first one was on criminal law or more precisely on alternative punishments for drug dealers and drug addicts. The other one was focused on commercial and maritime law. In this seminar, we learned very interesting facts about relationship between Greece and Turkey, especially about a situation related to Greek islands in Aegean Sea.

Thanks to that, we were familiarized more with their culture and met new people not only from Greece but also from Zürich. And of course, we did not forget to invite them to our summer law school on IT law (which is going to be amazing, by the way).


On the third day, we had a city tour on which we visited White Tower. The tower, that protected the whole Thessaloniki, was left as the only preserved from fortifications.


The fourth day was the day we were leaving. We had to say goodbye to our ELSA Thessaloniki and ELSA Zürich mates which was quite heart-breaking process but since there were 14 hours of travelling left, we had to leave as soon as possible.


 It was an unforgettable trip and we are looking forward to seeing our ELSA Thessaloniki and ELSA Zürich friends in our beautiful city where we will repay for their hospitality in the best way possible.



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