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International Activities


The Visit to Sunny Barcelona

Author: Nela Janoušková, published: 06/03/2016 19:00 | 0 comments
ELSA Brno organized another Study Visit, this time to a sunny Barcelona.

Visit of German Bayreuth

Author: Veronika Tamškovičová, published: 06/12/2015 19:00 | 0 comments
In May 2015 the members of ELSA Bayreuth with Melanie Akinbisehin as their head came to Brno for a Study Visit. Based on this visit six students from ELSA...

Study Visit Brno & Izmir

Author: Linda Rozmusová, published: 27/09/2015 21:14 | 0 comments
From 22nd to 26th September, seven law students from ELSA Izmir visited Brno which was the first Study Visit in this semester. Our students did their best to...

Study Visits to Košice

Author: Lan Hương Phạm Ngọc, published: 04/05/2015 16:52 | 0 comments
We welcomed spring semester with a taste of international dimension of ELSA by a visit of Košice in Slovakia. On our way there, our members got closer with...

Study Visit Linec

Author: Lan Hương Phạm Ngọc, published: 12/04/2015 22:53 | 0 comments
Another Study Visit, this time to Austrian Linz, was held on 10.-12. April 2015. Students left Brno in two teams: the bus-rail team went by the yellow bus...

International study visit – Thessaloniki

Author: Lan Hương Phạm Ngọc, published: 08/04/2015 15:36 | 0 comments
Between 26th – 29th March, ELSA Brno visited Thessaloniki in Greece in the framework of the project Study Visits Four members of ELSA Zürich participated  as well. It...