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Visit to the Supreme Court

Author: Lukáš Chylek, published: 04/05/2015 16:57 | 0 comments

On Monday 2nd March 2015, a marathon of Institutional visits held by ELSA Brno during spring semester has been started. The first of these events was a visit to The Supreme Court of the Czech Republic, in front of which, 23 interested students of Faculty of Law MU met around 13 o’clock. After all the participants undertook a safety check at the entrance, the group was welcomed by Ing. Petr Knötig, a spokesperson of the Supreme Court.

Together, they continued to a courtroom where Ing. Knötig instructed them briefly in the history of the building, recent changes on a post of President of the Supreme Court and he also described the students some memorable cases that were resolved in that very room. Subsequently, in the presence of a member of a security guard, the visitors had a chance to look into a holding cell where a main point of interest was a bench with inscribed messages of innocence, of the arrested or of the injustice prevailing in our society.

The last place the visitors were allowed to see was a large courtroom where the Grand Chambermeets and where diverse seminars and conferences are held as well. The hall includes a library that contains probably the most numerous book collection among all Czech law institutions and that is also opened to the professional public.

Mr. Knötig’s commentary was amusing, his obliging character and willingness to respond to the questions posed cannot be evaluated otherwise than positively. Likewise, any complaints about the flow of the whole excursion cannot be made. As a matter of fact, the participants have seen most likely the most interesting parts of the building of the Supreme Court. However, there is a room for improvement for the next time, as some of the students would like to know more about institution’s inner workings and structure. Despite this fact, the visit as a whole has enriched the visitors with newly acquired knowledge from a field of Czech judiciary.

Lukáš Chylek
S&C, ELSA Brno

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