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Visit to Czech Television

Author: Klára Mazuriková, published: 24/03/2015 17:11 | 0 comments

Czech Television is here with us for more than 23 years. Its studios are in Prague, Ostrava and Brno. Students of Faculty of Law had the good luck to visit the Brno's studios thanks to ELSA Brno.


In the beginning of an excursion, students were familiarized with shows that are broadcasted live straight from Brno and they got to know as well what buildings are owned by Czech Television including studio which is under construction.


The very tour started afterwards. The participants came to studio and got to know how much time it took up to technicians to change the broadcast Good morning to Home alone. They also got a look of green screen and it was explained to them why a blue screen was not used anymore which was much common in Czech Television before. A charismatic sound engineer is worth mentioning. He gave us an idea of troubles (with his own words "little hell") every sound engineer experienced from time to time. He also told us why technicians hit the Wall of lamentation with their heads and how much time a practised make-up artist needed for her job. Students had a look into wardrobe department and scene-dock.


Excursion of Czech Television belonged to successful with no doubt and it was evaluated by participants no more than positively. Students were very happy especially about the distinctive sound engineer, pleasant guide Hana Orošová and willing staff. An interest about visit of Mladá Fronta Dnes (Young Front Today) or Czech Radio emerged from evaluations as well. It would be interesting to realize it in future, for sure.


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