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Visit of the Supreme Administrative Court

Author: Klára Mazuriková, published: 03/11/2015 12:01 | 0 comments

On 3rd November 2015, ELSA Brno organized another Institutional Visit, this time to the Supreme Administrative Court. Mgr. Alena Pokorná, from the Research and Documentation Service, was a guide. Mgr. Lucia Vargová, the Head of the Research and Documentation Service, kept the visitors a silent company.


As it usually starts, Mgr. Pokorná familiarized everyone with a history of the Supreme Administrative Court and its building in the beginning. Nobody would ever think about that the building used to be a tattoo salon as well. After few sentences about an authority and a competence of the court, the topic changed to a debate on diverse cases. These were probably the most interesting and funny moments of the visit. Students had a good time with cases about a register office, which had not wanted to record a child's name Thymian (which means thyme), which one of Polish institutes compared to non-existent names like Kopr (dill) or Kmín (caraway), or about an owner of a restaurant who had posted a notice up saying that children under 6 years were forbidden to take in.


The group took a walk around the building and looked inside conference rooms as well afterwards.


There was a brief interview with one of the students in the end of the visit.


Did you like the visit?

            "It was great."

What did you find the most interesting?

            "The cases. On the other hand, there was too much history which wasn't so much interesting."

Would you recommend the visit to other students?

            "Definitely. And not only to this institution."

Would you be interested in working at the Supreme Administrative Court?

            "No. The judiciary attracts me but there is no way it would be an administrative law."


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