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034 Nvtva Anatomickho muzea

Visit of Anatomic Museum

Author: Lucie Morkusová/ Karolína Anna Kárníková, published: 17/04/2014 13:07 | 0 comments

Visit of Anatomic Museum

Monday, the 7th there was a rare occasion to visit an Anatomic museum with ELSA Brno. The museum of professor Karel Žlábek is placed in the university campus in city part Brno-Bohunice and therefore is opened solely for students of Faculty of Medicine. The event was planned within “the week of criminology” and we enjoyed the museum together with 25 students of our faculty.

During this unique opportunity we were enlightened with secrets of human body we are not able to see from outside. We had chance to see every piece of the human corpse, including bones, ligaments or organ specimens with pathological changes. Professional approach of tour was secured by fourth grade student of Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk university, Petrem Pajorem, who willingly provided comprehensive commentaries to every exhibit to us. Thanks to him we were able to ask any questions related to the field of medicine and we always received suitable answer.

All participants of the tour were very pleased and they were leaving enlightened with many new informations. Since the visit was successful, we would be delighted to repeat it in the future.


                                                                                              In Brno 10.4.2014

                                                                                              Lucie Morkusová (trans. Karolína Anna Kárníková)


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