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The Visit to the Supreme Administrative Court

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On 19th November 2014 a visit to the Supreme Administrative Court, organized by ELSA Brno, took place. 20 adventurous students of Law Faculty of Masaryk University participated in the event. Visitors undertook a necessary safety check at the entrance to the building, which is a marvellous piece of architecture. Fortunately no guns or grenades were found, so the group was allowed to continue further and meet with their guides from the Documentation and Analytics department.

The tour began in a plenary hall where the history of the building and institution itself was presented to the students, followed by a brief insight to the court’s activities. Finally, the employees of the court bravely withstood a wave of interesting questions. Walls were decorated by photographs of all 31 judges working for the court. As a matter of fact, the judges are of all age brackets and different legal professions, meaning not only those with 40 years of experience but even those who have begun to work as lawyers relatively recently. Another interesting revelation was a fact, that one of the professors of the Brno’s Law Faculty is a Disciplinary chamber judge. Good to know...

Inspection of the most notable parts of the structure awaited the students in the second part of the tour. Despite the fact it originates to the second half of the 19th century, the building is an imposing mix of both modern and historical styles. The participants were also allowed to poop into cabinets of individual law divisions. The first thing that caught their attention was parquet polished so precisely, that the students were nearly able to see their own reflections on the ground. Strangely shaped tables were worth noticing as well. The visitors also had a chance to have a look at the basement of the building and through a small window they could admire remains of a historic sight located in the heart of the building – former city wall from the 14th century. However, the window was really small, so no wonder some of the visitors left a mark on the upper part of it made with their own heads with a loud thud. Fortunately, the wall is still standing and heads are still in their places.

It turned out from the Evaluation forms, which were sent to the participants after the event, that young guides together with the fact they were willing to answer some more personal questions (e.g. job satisfaction, working conditions), was a huge benefit of the visit. Moreover, the guides were also alumni of our Alma mater, which some of the students thought of as an advantage and pleasant fact. In summary, the event lived up to the expectations, if not exceeded them and was met with undoubted content.


Translated by Lukáš Chylek (member of S&C, ELSA Brno)

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