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The Visit to the Chamber of Deputies, Parliament of the Czech Republic

Author: ELSA Brno, published: 03/04/2015 16:49 | 0 comments

On 14 November 2014 a group of fifteen students set out towards the capital city to spend two days there, during which they planned to visit the Chamber of Deputies, the Office of the Government and to take part in a discussion with important characters of political life in the Czech Republic during the events of 17th November 1989.

After arrival to Prague we joined the group of students from Olomouc at the Main Railway station and we headed together for the Prague Faculty of Law Charles University. We dispersed from there to have a lunch and then we went to the Chamber of Deputies situated in Malá Strana.  After watching a short video about the history of this important institution, we began with excursion itself. We got knowledge of many interesting pieces of information in terms of creation of the Parliament, leading characters, internal work and local folklore and it came to the analysing of well-known media cases, as well. In the public gallery we enthusiastically took an opportunity to take photographs, respectively the photo of all of us, too, as seen below.

The very next moment, we moved to the Office of the Government the building of which has complex and rich history and keeps really interesting facilities including for example a former ambulance station. We were informed about the government’s agenda itself, moreover, about reasons behind the fact that during the time of Petr Nečas´ government the press conference room temperature resembled a freezer. What we also found interesting was that this so called “room” used to be a forecourt. Then we moved back to the faculty and later to our hostel, as well. We finished the day with a dinner, a walk round the centre of Prague and a visit to the club Nebe at Wenceslas Square.

The second day, the debate on the ground of the Faculty of Law was on the agenda. There appeared such politicians as the Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka, Minister for Human Rights Jiří Dienstbier or docent Petr Pithart (former Prime Minister). The debate was interesting and the topic subsequently moved from the events of 17 November to current political issues, either Czech, or foreign ones. For most of us, it was really enriching to see those important characters of political life ourselves, as well as the possibility to ask them various questions. Last but not least, a splendid “raut” that followed afterwards is worth to mention and remember.

As a whole, we can without any doubts evaluate the visit in Prague as beneficial and enriching experience that will be hopefully repeated next year.


Translated by Jana Jeřábková (member of S&C, ELSA Brno)

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