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The Visit to Rector's Office of Masaryk University

Author: Lan Hương Phạm Ngọc, published: 04/05/2015 17:10 | 0 comments

On 15th April 2015 ELSA Brno gave an opportunity to twenty students to visit a Rector's Office of Masaryk University. At first, we were expecting only Mrs. Iva Zlatušková, Chancellor so that is why we were pleasantly surprised when another three workers appeared – RNDr. JUDr. Vladimír Šmíd, CSc., Manager of Internal Governance and Organization, Mgr. Veronika Smítková, from Legal Department and Mgr. Luděk Navrátil, working at Archive of Masaryk University, and starting on 1st of May he became Authorised President of Archive of the whole Masaryk University. The previous Dean of Faculty of Law MU, prof. JUDr. Naděžda Rozehnalová, CSc., unfortunately did not appear but her absence did not take any charm of this visit to this institution.

Mr Mgr. Navrátil familiarized students with the history of the Rector's office as such and the history of its current building. Mr JUDr. Šmíd shared his knowledge concerned to an organization of Rector's Office and each function with us. Some of his statements were very funny such as a story about an IT guy who jumped from the chair to the window just when the floor was falling down during a reconstruction. Some students will probably remember it whenever they pass around this building.

Mrs Mgr. Smítková focused her speech on university's and faculty's legal norms. She also explained an affair of wrongly imposed fees.

Mrs Zlatušková commented the presentations of her colleagues and responded to questions of the students. They were interested in lifelong learning, filling of Vice-Rectors during  the Rector's change or in Rector's working day.

At the end, it could be said that the students evaluated the visit positively. Information about the way of government, about the organization of Rector's office or discussion about lifelong learning was the biggest benefit for them.

Lan Hương Phạm Ngọc

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