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The Visit to Mírov prison

Author: ELSA Brno, published: 03/04/2015 16:52 | 0 comments

On Friday 31th October 2014, we had a unique opportunity to visit Mírov prison located in Olomouc region. Despite the fact that the departure had been set to 7 a. m, 18 early birds from Faculty of Law, Masaryk University attended the event.

After a slightly complicated arrival, we browsed through the prison walls, courtyard and had a stop in local church, basement and museum. We also had a thrilling chance to see the window through which a well-known prisoner Jiří Kájínek escaped more than 14 years ago.  Our guides were an educator and a psychologist who are daily in touch with the prisoners. They appeared to be thoroughly trained, as they possessed a decent amount of patience for our nosy questions. We learned for instance that the convicts are allowed to study a university, attend foreign language courses, workout in a gym and that as a whole, they do not suffer from the shortage of amusement. That is mainly in order to have them busy nearly at all times so that they do not think of escape and other not wanted issues so often. In addition, they work in workshops, some producing wooden toys, others furniture of decent quality. Quite surprisingly, a prisoner that is left without a job, meaning the prison service was not able to find him a job, in not obliged to pay for his stay in the prison as opposed to the others who have to pay a compulsory fee of 1400 CZK per month. We left the prison full of new knowledge and impressions towards Olomouc and its ELSA members.

The next stop was obvious owing to all-day starvation – student’s canteen. After we filled our stomachs with food and a dormitory with our luggage, we left for the city centre. There’s one student-friendly thing about Olomouc – you will do without a seasonal tram ticket. Everything is just a walking distance away. That is why it took us only two hours to go through the historic city centre together with our guide who was so kind as to share with us not only common information about the sights we saw but also some interesting one about the university, the students and above all the most interesting internal info. We enjoyed the walk in spite of the cold and were amazed by beautiful square with clock tower and fountains, little backstreets and by the city atmosphere as a whole.

After a two-hour dinner, we continued to Two Spectres wine bar, where the tables bend under the weight of delicious wine. During morning hours after a night club tour, we lay down on the mattresses and passed out for several hours (minutes in some cases). In the morning, which was unfortunately not so far away, we set off for the Saint Hill where an excursion of a monastery led by a local frater awaited us. The monastery was really spectacular, though it was pity we couldn’t fully enjoy a magnificent view of whole Olomouc due to bad weather. We concluded our trip with a lunch and then we split ways, leaving with pleasant memories, strengthened relationships, new experience and reinforced ELSA spirit. Particular gratitude goes to several Olomouc ELSA members thanks to whom we could experience these two fantastic days and who devoted their time to care for us so well.

Thanks to the fact that the event met with huge satisfaction, we definitely plan to repeat it in the future.


Translated by Lukáš Chylek (member of S&C, ELSA Brno)











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