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The Visit of the Office of Ombudswoman of Czech Republic

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The Visit of the office of The Public Defender of Rights as a part of ELSA Day project with Rights for education as a main topic took place on 26th November 2014. 23 students of Faculty of Law of Masaryk University took this opportunity to participate. Dr. Stanislav Křeček together with deputy-ombudswoman as his assistant took a part of speakers while giving students an insight into their job and the functioning of this institution itself.

Introduction word was taken by JUDr. Křeček, who gave a brief summary of the history of the office and the origin of the post of The Public Defender of Rights itself. It was followed by a presentation divided into two fields. The 1st part of the presentation consisted of general information about the competence of the Ombudsman, his rights and in which cases he should be asked for help. We were instructed how to recognize and effectively deal with a discrimination in all its forms. In the Second part, the most interesting cases from the area of violating rights for education were introduced and divided into 4 phases of education – nursery, elementary, high school and university. Very interesting one was about a Slovak student who could not participate in an internship in Czech Republic because of not having Czech nationality.

Throughout the lecture both speakers were enriching their speech by their remarks from practice, how they proceeded in their jobs and which difficulties they faced during their work. All the questions made by students were also willingly answered. The possibility of an internship in the Office was clarified and the students also received prints of Summary activity report of The Public Defender of Rights, which is given to Lower Chamber of the Czech Parliament. With this small present and pleasant smiles we were showed off to the front doors. In return, we gave our guides ELSA wine as a token of our gratitude.

The whole event was evaluated by evaluation forms sent to all participants. All students rated the visit as a very enriching experience especially thanks to a lot of examples from practice, the way how the cases are solved and the quality of speakers. The only negative thing was the missing tour around the Office, which will hopefully be provided next time.


Translated by Lan Hương Phạm Ngọc (member of S&C, ELSA Brno)

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