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The Visit of Constitutional Court

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Group of thirty curious students got together in front of Constitutional Court on 14th October 2014 with a plan to visit this institution. ELSA Brno had arranged this visit with Mr Göttinger, the head of Department of External Relations and Protocol.

First of all, students underwent common security check and then they continued to the “gem” of Constitutional Court – the Plenary Hall. The Hall itself made students feel respect to the previous generations. Mr Göttinger guided students through colourful history of Constitutional Court. After that, he made students familiar with current jurisdiction and tasks that Constitutional Court holds. Thereafter, there was a discussion about the judges, present-day as well as past ones. In the end, Mr Göttinger managed to answer students’ questions without any difficulty.

Mr Göttinger was very obliging; he reminisced studying at our alma mater and his presentation was variegated with humorous stories.  Students enjoyed the visit and taking into account great interest in visiting Constitutional Court we have been already planning next visit in the following semester.


Translated by Michaela Daňková (member of S&C, ELSA Brno)


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