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The Visit in the Office for International Legal Protection of Children

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On Tuesday, 11 November 2014, ELSA Brno organized a visit to the Office for International Legal Protection of Children (the Office) situated in Brno. Twenty five students of the Faculty of Law, Masaryk University, took part in this event. Mgr. Kantorová, Mgr. Skorušová and Mgr. Jetelinová undertook roles of speakers and provided visitors with further information concerning how the Office works.

At the beginning of the visit, we were informed about the function of the Office, which is fulfilled by activities in four main sections: maintenance recovery, exercise of access rights, adoption and child abduction. Students appreciated information in terms of practice that brought us closer to the Office´s course of action, particularly in cases of child abduction. Great attention was paid to the issue of adoption. We got to know that pursuant to the international agreements the adoption of the Philippine girl was arranged or, on the contrary, Czech children became members of families living in foreign countries.

The whole visit was very interesting. All the ladies presented a specific topic or a project that should help broader knowledge about the Office´s work and the ways of settling disputes out of court (e.g. mediation). There was also a room for questions, in the case that we were keen on a certain topic, and all the questions were willingly answered. The students that were interested in an internship in the organisation learned that apart from the knowledge of international law, the Office praise ability to use more than one foreign language.

Right after the visit, all the participants were provided with the evaluation forms. These forms showed up great satisfaction with the visit. Students appreciated especially high level of speakers´ speech and broad range of topics. Participants were excited by real examples from Office´s practice, the issue of child abduction and the ways of settling disputes, e.g. via mediation. 


Translated by Jana Jeřábková (member of S&C, ELSA Brno)




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