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The Supreme Public Prosecutor´s Office

Author: Veronika Tamaškovičová, published: 21/03/2016 10:44 | 0 comments

On the March 21, 2016,  students from the Law Faculty of Masaryk University visited the Supreme Public Prosecutor´s Office in Brno.

After entering the institution, a safety check was awaiting them combined with writing down the ID card numbers. After the security made sure that none of the participants were dangerous, the students got picked up by the public prosecutor who led them to the conference room. They were later joined by a colleague of the prosecutor and a young assistant.

Students learned what the public prosecutor actually does and how he manages the cases. They also got to know that he can divide his work responsibilities up to his own convenience. He can either work in the Office or he can cooperate with the police, visit the crime scenes, view them etc. Miss assistant also told them how to become a public prosecutor, as she was just picked from the waiting list on the post. Students also learned that to succeed in this „fight“ for the position, one must pass numerous tests whether about their knowledge or psychological ability.

The visit took roughly about an hour and half and during the visit, students got a lot of useful information. Perhaps some of them were motivated to specialize in criminal law and to apply for the public prosecutor´s post after getting their diploma.

Overall, the students were content with the visit. Supreme Court and Supreme Administrative Court are other institutions they would want to visit. 


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