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The Seminar on Topic Prostitution as Business

Author: ELSA Brno, published: 03/04/2015 16:36 | 0 comments

First seminar of fall semester took place at Faculty of Law on October 13th. The seminar focused on an attractive topic concerning prostitution. Our invitation had been accepted by Mgr. Michal Šmíd, from department of Security Policy from Ministry of Interior and also PhDr. Hana Malinová, CSc., the founder of civil society organization “Pleasure without Risk”. Both guests have been dealing with this topic for a very long time and they were willing to share with us the facts, their opinions and details of Regulation of Prostitution Bill which is not well-known to the public.

Both guests had prepared extensive presentations for the seminar where they presented their activities and the point of their work to a no small number of students. Their voluminous opening set a stage for interesting questions. Students who attended the seminar were interested especially in the Bill and its actual shape. Mrs Malinová as well as Mr Šmíd were willing to answer every single question and they were pleased with students’ interest.

All the participants evaluated this seminar as very positive.


Translated by Michaela Daňková (member of S&C, ELSA Brno)


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