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The first Chair for the Guest - doc. JUDr. Markéta Selucká, Ph.D.

Author: Barbora Vintrová, published: 25/11/2015 20:42 | 0 comments

On 12th October 2015, ELSA Brno organized the first Chair for the Guest which took place in the Central Library and European Documentation Centre at Faculty of Law. The invitation was accepted by the dean of our faculty,  doc. JUDr. Markéta Selucká, Ph.D. The atmosphere in the study room was really pleasant and it resembled more like friendly meeting than academic lecture. The dean fascinated everybody with her openness.


The moderator for this chair, Jan Malý, took his role really professionally - he was armed with great humour and he had also prepared the curriculum vitae of our guest. In the beginning, he asked doc. Selucká to summarize her career. We found out that our current dean was working in the bakery after the secondary school and during that, she was reading philosophical writings. Afterwards, she started her career as a social worker then she did not resist the temptation to study bachelor law programme and basically because of the impulse of one of her lecturers, she continued her studies in Master's degree study at Faculty of Law.


The dean was also talking about her hobbies and leisure time.  She still likes baking but  she prefers some legal literature to philosophical publications nowadays. She is also passionate hiker, owns a butterfly collection and from time to time, she enjoys a glass of fine wine while listening a folklore music. On our question, whether she likes singing as well, she answered yes and to confirm her claim, she immediately started to sing some Moravian song which we appreciated with a huge ovation. 


In conclusion, we could also hear a polemic about what is really involved in the profession of a lawyer. Doc. Selucká emphasized the fact that to be a good lawyer is not only about knowledge and an application of the law. Every lawyer performs the particular service for the society and that is why we should be a credit to our future profession. It is only up to us how the whole country is going to perceive the lawyers.


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