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The Chair for the Guest – Ing. Miroslav Singer, Ph.D., Governor of CNB

Author: Lan Hương Phạm Ngọc, published: 05/04/2015 17:15 | 0 comments

4th March 2015, we kicked off the upcoming semester with the Chair for the Guest, a cycle of informal meetings with an interesting personality. The main purpose is not only to get to know the official side of our guest. As always, the whole event, which was held by ELSA Brno, took place in Moravian Library, specifically in team-study room next to Café Gaviota. This time, our invitation was accepted by Ing. Miroslav Singer, Ph.D., a Governor of Czech National Bank who made time for us despite his busy schedule.

The whole event was very attractive to many students not only from law faculty due to the personality of Governor. During initial polite introduction, we learned his motivation to become a governor and what the position is about. Governor was willingly replying to our questions related to fiscal policy and intervention of CNB, acceptance of euro or just solely economic questions such as inflation targeting. In the other part of our meeting, the questions started to be more personal so we learned that his favourite movies are Aliens or Walking Too Fast. He assumes physical activity as an essential part of his life so his favourite activity is to walk 7 kms to his job almost every day.

Student participants appreciated the fact that Governor took this meeting very informal. He even replied to very personal questions and his narration was very distinctive, enriched with sometimes very accurate ‘non-official terms’ and maybe that is the reason why there was very relaxed and pleasant atmosphere during the whole event.

It was one of the most successful events of the Chair for the Guest ever. Participants also received ‘evaluation forms’ and through them we confirmed the general satisfaction and enthusiasm of the participants, of almost three hours long event. We were very pleased about that. There were some reproaches for a place of event however according to our concept of ‘the Chair’ are team-study rooms the most suitable for this purpose. Governor promised to join our seminar planned for next semester on the grounds of great interest.

Our participants would like to meet personalities such as JUDr. Robert Pelikán or Ing. Mojmír Hampl as a next guest. They also mentioned previous president of the Czech Republic, Václav Klaus or the present leader of the Czech Republic, Miloš Zeman.


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