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Seminar: What to believe on the internet and in media?

Author: Veronika Tamaškovičová, published: 24/03/2016 14:02 | 0 comments

On Monday March 14, 2016, the first spring semester seminar took place at the Law Faculty of MU under surveillance of ELSA Brno. The aim of the seminar was an orientation in the whole bunch of information on the internet. Event was focused on the relevance of information.

The guest was Mr. Josef Džubák from server hoax.cz. The atmosphere was friendly, our guest presented everything in an interactive way and added some examples from national and international “hoax scene”. Amongst students, there were also some who have already become a hoax “victim”. Of course, there were also some advices on how to recognize a hoax, for example by finding the message on server hoax.cz or hoaxbuster.cz. One of other interesting things was also a tool for searching history of internet pictures based on user´s choice where the user could see how the picture was shared on Twitter or Facebook for example and what messages and comments were posted to it (or changed during the process).

We believe that this seminar provided some new information for students and we would like to concentrate on crimes connected with stealing money from bank accounts or misusing of unlawfully acquired information in the future. 

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