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Seminar on Public Support for Renewable Resources

Author: Lan Hương Phạm Ngọc, Ondřej Chylek, published: 03/04/2015 16:06 | 0 comments

ELSA Brno devoted thelast day of March 2015 to the current topic of energy from renewable resources by holding a Seminar focused on the public support of this phenomenon. The event took place on the premises of Faculty of Law, MU. Our speakers were doc. JUDr. Radim Polčák, Ph.D., - Chief of Institute of Law and Technology of Faculty of Law MU; Ing. Jan Kanta - Director of Legislation and Marketing in ČEZ Company and Mgr. Ing. Radek Neděla - Chief of Legal Department Section of Supported Resources of Czech Energy Regulatory Office.

The opening word of the organizers introduced our guests and topic to the audience and explained minor delay that was caused by weather, one of the renewable sources of energy. Following the opening, the floor was passed to doc. Polčák who introduced the issue in a very wide and deep context so that he created a great ground for following remarks of the other two remaining speakers. Thanks to the different fields both of them focus on, they managed to enrich diversity of the seminar. There was also a space to compare the system of public support for renewable resources in the Czech Republic and other countries. Our guest also touched upon the rentability of photovoltaics and its possible future. Speakers also outlined the issue of the reason behind the public support. Participants had the opportunity to debate about the legal certainty which is given to the businessmen in this field, which is quite low thanks to the legislation changing rapidly, and justifiability to this legal certainty by high return on investments into renewable resources.

The seminar as such was on expertise level that might have created/caused – especially to less informed listeners – difficulties with understanding and orientation in given issue. But the transformed knowledge was a benefit in the end. It was seen on very concrete questions given by listeners to the speakers. To conclude, Energy Law has its say on the European level, although the seminar has shown to us, that should anyone be interested in this topic, he is also obligated to familiar himself with a slightly complicated terminology.



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