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Seminar - Fragile Opportunity, Probation and Mediation Service

Author: Klára Mazuriková, published: 19/10/2015 17:07 | 0 comments

On cloudy Monday 19th October 2015, ELSA Brno organized the first Seminar on the current topic of this academic year called Probation and Mediation Service: Project Fragile Opportunity. The invitation was accepted by Mgr. Lea Skřekucká, administrator of the Project from Probation and Mediation Service. She said to everyone in the beginning she would prefer a free discussion and asking questions instead of her monologue. Thanks to that the students were much more bold to ask questions, for sure.

Ms Skřekucká prepared a presentation that shortly familiarized students with probation and mediation and then moved to the Project Fragile Opportunity itself. This project deals with a preparation of convicted people for a parole from imprisonment. There were funny parentheses in the description of the whole process, from filing a motion to a ruling, that lightened the topic. An example can be a sentence that convicted people aren't imprisoned without a reason, are they.

Our speaker probably considered her presentation to be insufficient to demonstrate clearly what she was speaking about, therefor she chose 6 participants to simulate the process at Comission for Parole so that everyone was able to have a better idea how it went and looked like.  Our guest said her goodbye with a question that everyone would think about for a long time: Is it better when convicted person gets out of prison in two, three years without any surveillance, or will it better if he is released on parole with a surveillance for another 5 years?

An unknown woman came to the seminar as well, and opened her heart that she spent half a year in a prison and that the purpose of this punishment made no sense to her – as she was sent to the prison for not paying alimony, her debts rose even further and made her situation much worse including incapability to find a job after her release.

However, the students evaluated this event very positively, were very fond of our speaker and most of them are going to interest themselves in this topic in the future as well. In addition, we got aware of the fact that topics from Penal Law are very much in demand, therefore we will adjust the topics of our seminars for the next semester. There is a lot to look forward to! 


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