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Office for International Legal Protection of Children

Author: Barbora Vintrová, published: 09/11/2015 21:16 | 0 comments

On Monday, November 9, 2015, Elsa Brno organized a visit to the Office for International Legal Protection of Children which gave the law students of Masaryk University an opportunity to learn more about this issue.

At first, we were directed to the fifth floor where two nice guides (Lucie Skorušová and Iveta Němcová) had already been waiting for us. The purpose of the beginning of their presentation was to introduce us the Office. We became acquainted with their work in practice and their aims.

Lucie Skorušová, a worker in the field of intercountry adoptions, was talking about arranging adoptions and also about possible problems which can make the adoption impossible. Students mainly appreciated the real cases and stories from her job. Iveta Němcová was then talking not just about abductions and removal of children, but also about enforcing a maintenance obligation. It woke up also the less alert of usJ. She explained to us that most parents cannot understand that their conduct is illegal. We were also discussing the process of returning children home which is usually not really successful for lack of parent's effort.

The atmosphere was really pleasant and our guides were indeed helpful and open to our questions. Students seemed like they met their expectations.

We asked Kamila Obršlíková, the first-year student who is not a member of ELSA, a few questions about this visit:

  1. What are your feelings after the visit to the Office for International Legal Protection of Children?

Definitely good. Everything was alright. The two women gave us information about the basic functions of the Office and its subsequent sections completed with various practical examples in an interesting way. Thanks to their friendly access, it was nicely spent morning.


  1. What have you learnt?

Much new information. Now, I am familiar with the next interesting place it could be great to settle down after my graduating.


  1. Has anything surprised you?

To be honest, I did not even know that this kind of specialized Office existed, so it was the first surprise for me.  The second was, for example, how few Czechs adopt a child from abroad compared to the adoption of children from Czech Republic. Or the fact, that language barrier is not a problem because people are able to adapt unbelievably quickly.


  1. Has anything disappointed you? Would you change anything if you could?

I do not think so. Maybe, I expected that they would focus a little bit on current topic – such as the problematic of Syrian children. But we were told that the Office is not concentrated on these countries.


  1. Would you get involved again? Are you planning to join other occasions organized by ELSA Brno?

Definitely yes – to both questions. I will definitely appreciate similar opportunities. By the way, I also attended another seminar held by Elsa at the same day. This kind of enrichment of knowledge is fine.


  1. What is your message to the people who have never been to similar events when ELSA organizes a visit to a certain institution? (For instance, Visit of the Supreme Administrative Court or Visit to Czech Television.)

Do not hesitate and take a chance to learn more! These visits, among other things, also inform you about various possibilities of job opportunities which the “law” offers a huge range of them.

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