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Faculty's History in a Nutshell

Author: Klára Mazuriková, published: 24/11/2015 18:30 | 0 comments

A Seminar called "Faculty's History in a Nutshell" under the tutelage of professor Ladislav Vojáček took place on Monday 23rd November.

Students were briefly familiarized with the history of our faculty which dates back to 1919. They could listen to life stories of personalities like František Weyr or Karel Engliš, they could find out how many places the Faculty of Law was actually placed at or why the faculty was shut down for couple of years. The professor won a great acclaim by telling various interesting things or stories, which were used to liven up by his talking, and by a clear presentation with illustrative pictures.

In the very end of the seminar, participants had an opportunity to look into assembly hall to consider also a historical-artistic point of view.

The only thing missing, to seminar would be absolutely perfect, was the sufficiency of time because such an interesting faculty's history cannot be gone through within few minutes.


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