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ELSA DAY - Workshop - Job Interview: Impermissible Questions

Author: Nela Janoušková, published: 25/11/2015 15:00 | 0 comments

On 25th November, ELSA Brno organized, this time included in ELSA Day, workshop on a topic Job Interview: Impermissible Questions which was led by Mgr. Soňa Nedomová. The event extraordinarily took place at a conference room of the library. 

Mrs Nedomová began the workshop asking what questions we considered to be discriminatory and that was reflected in further discussion. During this discussion, we learnt not only what questions are actually impermissible, but also how to respond to these questions. We could also try good practice during practical exercise when we realized that to answer correctly is not easy and that is why we should practise our reactions.

In the end, we had an opportunity to ask any other questions about the Job Interview thus we learnt also how to dress for the interview. Finally, it was thanked to our guest and students for participation.

We asked the participants a few questions about the workshop:

What are your feelings after the workshop?

It was amazing. I liked practical concept of the workshop thanks to which I learnt much useful information.

What have you learnt?

I have taken advices and tips how to respond to insidious questions of future employers. And moreover, also how to sit during the interview or how to dress.

Has anything surprised you?

I was surprised that I should not use any negation.

Would you get involved in something of the sort again?


What is your message to the people who have never been to similar events organized by ELSA?

Take this opportunity! You can extend your general knowledge and gain new one which can be used also in practice.


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