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Chair for the Guest - doc. Petr Pithart

Author: Nela Janoušková, published: 04/05/2015 17:06 | 0 comments

On 14th April 2015 ELSA Brno organized already the fifth Chair for the Guest. Our invitation accepted a very honored guest doc. JUDr. Petr Pithart, dr. h. c. The Chair newly took place in the study room in the Central Library and European Documentation Centre at our Faculty.

The event started with the arrival of doc. Pithart and his visit to our new dean doc. JUDr. Selucká, Ph.D. Then, he moved to study room where the very comfortable chair was waiting for him as well as the thirty young promising lawyers. Despite the mutual nervousness at the beginning, doc. Pithart wasn’t able to answer to huge amount of questions. Students wanted to know about various phases of his live, whether his young ages, the Velvet Revolution period, presidency of the government or the present.  For example, we found out that Mr Pithart didn’t want to be a lawyer and he had tendency to a poetry. According to his opinion, we didn’t go through revolution in 1989 but just sort of the planned transferring of the state power. His disagreement with contemporary and previous president was perceptible in his answers. There was also criticism of the Czech society itself which has large gaps in the knowledge of our Constitution.

There was very pleasant atmosphere during the debate and our honorable guest was very nice speaker. He answered to all questions without the hesitation and sometimes he also told us some jokes or stories from his rich history. A farewell with the students as well as the small annotation, or rather the advice, were included at the end of The fifth Chair for the Guest.

Overall satisfaction with the event as well as with the new place in the form of the Library emerged from the evaluation forms which were distributed among participants,. The participants would appreciate as a next guest, for example, new dean or Pavel Rychetský - the President of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic. 

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