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Chair for a Guest with John C. Spieske, Esq.

Author: Ondřej Chylek, published: 06/03/2016 13:36 | 0 comments

Chair for a Guest, that took place on 1st December at the Faculty of Law Library, was a special one. It was the first time in the history of this series that ELSA Brno hosted a foreign guest – and not only foreign, but even overseas!

John C. Spieske, Esq. is a legal counsel with a “weak spot” for Indian banks and cuisine, real estate broker, arbitrator and a passionate teacher of Counselling and Negotiating. Thanks to the latter, students here in Brno have had the opportunity to learn from him and his deep experience since last November.

Negotiating and Leadership were a substantial part of questions and answers during the evening – professor Spieske guided us through his mind-set of knowing the person with whom you are dealing through thorough preparation, determining his interests and values or making them hear the things the way we want to avoid misunderstanding, that got us even to the question of using emoticons in mail communication.  All this attitude come from professor Spieske being a humanist which he underlined several times during our session – that we should thing about the others and their needs and interests and try to find what we have in common.

We asked Lan Huong about her impression from the event: “It was a nicely spend evening with highly interesting guest for me. I especially acknowledge, that professor Spieske sees teaching as a mission of passing on his knowledge and experience to students with whom he seems to have a really positive realtionship. On the other hand, I have noticed that our guest likes to express himself a lot so I sometimes lost track of the original question he was answering. Anyways, fter this session I am seriously thinking about subscribing for professor Spieske’s course Counselling and Negotiation next year!”

We were really glad that professor Spieske found time and accepted our invitation, since all the participants were leaving room enriched with ideas and knowledge both for their personal and professional life. 

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