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Asylum Law and Legal Aid to Refugees

Author: Klára Mazuriková, published: 20/11/2015 15:02 | 0 comments

Students of Masaryk University had an opportunity to find out more about the current issues of a refugee crisis towards second evening in November when ELSA Brno organized already second seminar on (really) current topic this school year. An invitation was accepted by Mgr. et Mgr. Linda Janků, an assistant at the Department of International and European Law at Faculty of Law of Masaryk University and lawyer for foreigner's cases at the Office of the Public Defender of Rights.

At the beginning,  Mrs Janků has familiarized around 60 students with asylum issues -  from differences between the refugee and the migrant, protection given by the International and European Law, non-refoulement policy, over a Dublin system, which is trying to limit phenomenon called "asylum shopping" and "refugee in orbit", but in practice causes significant issues, to current situation in the Czech, when she explained conditions for the detention of foreigners, clarified arguments for and against legality of confinement of certain categories of foreigners and shared her experiences from visits of detainment center in Bela-Jezova which she visited last year within the jurisdiction of the Office of Public Defender of Rights.

Some of the questions the seminar participants asked were e.g. about legal standing in the mode of so-called "tolerated stay" or collecting evidence in the case of failure of evidence (e.g. absence of identification documents when the civil servants focus on the applicant's credibility of the statement and comparison of his statement to available information about country of origin, including description of the place. According to his statement, the concerned individual comes from.

The speaker commented the whole event like this: "I'm glad the specialized seminar on this topic was carried out at the grounds of the faculty. Media and social networks are deluged with information about current migrant and refugee situation including frequent misinterpretation and valuation based on lack of knowledge about the problems. I believe that for law students  is important to get to know more about it during their studies and to help to better understanding of this current (and not only legally) complicated situation, even in connection to its solution in the practice."

We asked Anna Hrubanová, fifth-year student, what is the most beneficial from the seminar for her and on the other side, what she was missing: "Thanks to the seminar, I gained insight into the issues of the Dublin system and its disadvantages like overloaded countries on the outer borders of EU (Hungary, Greece) and was also surprised about insufficient information provided to refugees at the detention centers. I'm glad as well that I can already use real legal arguments into discussion with my friends and to look on it from this point of view. On the other side, I wanted to find out more  about things like how me, in fact, can as a law student help with legal consultancy to refugees."

Do not hesitate to contact out guest via linda.janku@law.muni.cz if you didn't have a chance to ask a question related to topic during the seminar. You can find a presentation from the seminar on the Facebook event as well. Thank you for well attending and we are looking forward to see you on Job Fair Kontakt on Tuesday 24th November!


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