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2nd Chair for the Guest - JUDr. Pavel Zeman

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This event took place on Tuesday 11th November 2014 in Moravian Library, which is located in a close distance to our Alma mater. The guest was a really precious one, Supreme public prosecutor JUDr. Pavel Zeman. We had decided that this time, there would be no enrolling on the event via email. However, we started to regret the decision, as the number of potential visitors subscribed to the Facebook event suggested an overcrowded room.

The first impatient students turned up about 18:10, 20 minutes before the kick-off. This was a wise decision because when the event started, the room was nearly full to its limits and some participants had to sit on the tables or just stand nearby. We counted approximately 60 students. This fact alone was a sufficient indicator of the event’s attractiveness.

At the beginning, our guest took the floor and described his job, his profession’s pitfalls and also talked about the amendment of the Public prosecutor’s office law prepared by the Ministry of Justice. The first question of the students pointed to recodification of the Civil law and its connections to Public prosecutor’s office. We have learned that a whole working group had been set up to tackle this matter and that it had been struggling to resolve it even a year after the recodification. This question was an ice-breaking point of the discussion and contributed to the informality of the event. Other questions followed, some professional, some more personal. The whole discussion was led in a very relaxed atmosphere and there was no doubt that our guest has a good sense of humour which he proved by countless funny remarks.

We had to cut the debate around 19:30, since our guest is a desired one and he always has a busy time schedule.

We agreed that the 2nd Chair for the guest was one of the most successful events of its kind ever. There were several reasons for this conclusion – good organisation and preparation, interesting topic and the choice of the guest itself, who came in a good and joking mood.


Translated by Lukáš Chylek (member of S&C, ELSA Brno)












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