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3rd Chair for the Guest - doc. JUDr. Mgr. Martin Škop, Ph.D.

Author: , published: 03/04/2015 17:16 | 0 comments
The Chair for the Guest was autumn´s semester last event of this kind and it took place in Café Gaviota on November 18th. This time, doc. JUDr. Mgr....

The Visit of the Office of Ombudswoman of Czech Republic

Author: , published: 03/04/2015 17:10 | 0 comments
The Visit of the office of The Public Defender of Rights as a part of ELSA Day project with Rights for education as a main topic took place...

Photocontest - Your Ideal Day at School

Author: ELSA Brno, published: 03/04/2015 17:07 | 0 comments
Several events took place during ELSA Day with Photocontest named “How do you imagine your ideal day at the university?” as one of them. Number of contestants got involved...

The Visit in the Office for International Legal Protection of Children

Author: , published: 03/04/2015 17:05 | 0 comments
On Tuesday, 11 November 2014, ELSA Brno organized a visit to the Office for International Legal Protection of Children (the Office) situated in Brno. Twenty five students of...
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2nd Chair for the Guest - JUDr. Pavel Zeman

Author: , published: 03/04/2015 17:01 | 0 comments
This event took place on Tuesday 11th November 2014 in Moravian Library, which is located in a close distance to our Alma mater. The guest was a really...

The Visit of Constitutional Court

Author: , published: 03/04/2015 16:58 | 0 comments
  Group of thirty curious students got together in front of Constitutional Court on 14th October 2014 with a plan to visit this institution. ELSA Brno had arranged this...
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1st Chair for the Guest - JUDr. Ladislav Vyhnánek

Author: , published: 03/04/2015 16:56 | 0 comments
On 21th October 2014 ELSA Brno organized The First Chair for the Guest in the study room in the Moravian Land Library. The guest, who accepted the invitation...

The Visit to the Supreme Administrative Court

Author: , published: 03/04/2015 16:54 | 0 comments
On 19th November 2014 a visit to the Supreme Administrative Court, organized by ELSA Brno, took place. 20 adventurous students of Law Faculty of Masaryk University participated in the...

The Visit to Mírov prison

Author: ELSA Brno, published: 03/04/2015 16:52 | 0 comments
On Friday 31th October 2014, we had a unique opportunity to visit Mírov prison located in Olomouc region. Despite the fact that the departure had been set to...
The Visit to the Chamber...1

The Visit to the Chamber of Deputies, Parliament of the Czech Republic

Author: ELSA Brno, published: 03/04/2015 16:49 | 0 comments
On 14 November 2014 a group of fifteen students set out towards the capital city to spend two days there, during which they planned to visit the Chamber...