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Seminars & Conferences

Seminars & Conferences

The section Seminars & Conferences seeks to offer the students an opportunity to learn more than what is written in textbooks. The form and content of events are wide actually, starting with informal meetings continuing to discussion and interactive seminars to bigger projects such as national or international conferences and ending with Summer Law schools.

The Chair for the Guest alias informal session is a meeting of students with well-known figure of a legal world in a very pleasant café while drinking coffee or tea. Students thus have an opportunity to get closer to their daily life and hear about comical situations they have faced in their professional life and how they ended up doing their current job. In past few years our invitation accepted for example Ombudsman Dr. Pavel Vavřovský, President of Constitutional Court JUDr. Pavel Rychetský or Supreme Public Prosecutor JUDr. Pavel Zeman.

Seminars on Actual Topic are above all debates about interesting and actual topic from the field of law, political science etc. with experts not only from our faculty. To this moment we have organized seminars about capital crimes, plea bargain or expert opinions or uncritically accepted evidence. The amount of really interesting topics is huge so we welcome any ideas for next seminars. Do not hesitate and come!
Bilateral Study Visit (BSV) is a visit to another local ELSA group in Europe of which there are about 220. In past years BSV were realized for example with local group from Sarajevo or German local group in the city of Greifswald and also BSV with Austrian colleagues. Every “Bilateral” is unique and awesome, it is an opportunity to meet new people, to broaden one´s horizons and travel all over the Europe.
Institutional Visit (IV) is a visit to public institution with relation to the legal field. Students have an opportunity to explore the work field and to get to know how a daily routine of given institution looks. The main purpose is to show how works the application and realization of law from the position of the state in reality. With ELSA Brno the students have the opportunity to visit institutions not only in Brno such as Constitutional Court, Supreme Court, Supreme Administrative Court or The Office for International Legal Protection of Children but also have weekend events out of Brno.  We have already realized, for instance, a visit to OSN in Vienna, Czech and Austrian Parliament or Mírov prison.

ELSA Legal Workshop is a professional interactive seminar focused on chosen issue under the lead of experienced experts from law firms. This project is probably the most beneficial experience for students that is held by S&C. It is a seminar where students with the assistance of professional lawyers learn to solve cases based on real examples from practice. In the past we held the seminar focused on arbitrary, solving commercial conflicts and much more.

Conferences are probably the widest portfolio of this ELSA section. As you can see from the name, these occasions represent the second part of the name of this section and are much more demanding not only in organization but mainly in the terms of time. On the other hand, they are much more enriching. We hold conferences bigger and smaller, one-day ones or those that take more than one day, national or even international. It is a way to give the students an opportunity to get to know about the topic, discuss with experts and get an entry in CV. In the past ELSA Brno organized international conference about “Holocaust & War Crime Prosecution” which was rated positively not only by participants but also by speakers. Further, in 2012 national conference was held about “Law Failures in Communist Era Trials” which was followed next year by another national conference this time about “Arabian summer" where our guests came from Egypt and Syria.
Summer Law School is with no doubts the biggest international project that our section offers. During this event, we treat about twenty students from all over the Europe in Brno, who stay here for a week and educate themselves with the help of experienced lectors from the chosen legal field. Social programme is an inseparable part of it, of course, and thanks to that students can taste Brno as a whole, get to know each other and get amazed by surprises prepared by us. Summer school is unforgettable and beautiful experience and also great milestone that moves everyone further in the path of their lives.  In 2011 Summer Law School on Health Law was held in Brno and on August 2014 2nd Summer Law School on IT Law. Video from summer school can be seen here.