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About ELSA


ELSA (the European Law Students’ Association) is an organization with large international structure which is, thanks to its size, ranked on the first place among other legal organizations. Every student of faculty of law and every young graduated lawyer who wants to stay in touch with young people or help younger colleagues in different way can become a member of ELSA.

In the Czech Republic we can find ELSA on four faculties of law which are situated in Brno, Olomouc, Pilsner and Prague. ELSA in Brno unifies more than 100 active and capable people who help this organization to move on all the time and they have been also ensuring its fluent functioning for several years now.

ELSA has a simple organizational structure which arises from international traditions. Board of ELSA Brno consists of 7 people – President, Secretary, Treasurer and 4 Vicepresidents for Academic activities, Seminars & Conferences, STEP and Marketing. These people are responsible for their sections, each of them in responsible for certain part of activity of ELSA and with help of active students they achieve proper results. All these posts and sections you can find on our web page where they are properly described so you can familiarize with its activity and you might like one of them so much that you will want participate. We will be only pleased.

During the academic year we organize small and also big actions, mostly one or two actions every week. Among big actions we can count e.g. traditional Funny weekend Cikháj, Ball of matriculation, international conferences and many other actions. The small ones are seminars and discussions with interesting not only legal guests, teambuilding activities, quiz shows etc. The crucial activity of ELSA, because of which ELSA was established 30 years ago in Wien, is ensuring international study visits for foreign students mutually. Below you can find essential areas we occupy with. If you something caught your attention do not hesitate to contact concrete person and ask whatever you want, or you can come to visit us in clubroom No.138 where we will be pleased to see you face to face. I honestly hope that among you there will be found many future colleagues and friends and this way I wish you big ELSA future.


"A just world in which there is respect for human dignity and cultural diversity."


"To contribute to legal education, to foster mutual understanding and to promote social responsibility of law students and young lawyers."


"Providing opportunities for law students and young lawyers to learn about other cultures and legal systems in a spirit of critical dialogue and scientific co-operation."

"Assisting law students and young lawyers to be internationally minded and professionally skilled."

"Encouraging law students and young lawyers to act for the good of society."

How to become a member?

If you like the actions made by ELSA and you would like to join us actively we will be glad to welcome you among us. First steps will lead to our secretary who is, besides other things, responsible for accepting new members and it will be him or her who will introduce you to the process. (Contact on Secretary you can find in the tab Contacts – Secretary General). The entrance starts with personal interview where you will get all necessary information about members, functioning, goals a there will be also space for your questions. Then you will go through all the sections where you will get to know functioning of ELSA Brno in detail right in the center of happening.

Conditions for entering ELSA are age under 33 years, handing in filled application and paying of member fee which is 200 crowns per year.